Hi all, this is Aswin from TechieDrone. Today we will see 5 different ways in which you can provide your old battered phone a new lease of life.

Generally we replace our old phones with shiny new gadgets after some time. Some people replace it within 1 year and some people hang with the same device for even 5 years. The time varies but eventually, it will happen. So when you do upgrade, what do you do with the old device? You may try to sell it. But as you know, the resale value of old smartphones plummet rather quickly. So it is better to keep with you rather than selling it. Here are 5 suggestions to make your old smartphones useful again.

Ways to rejuvenate your old device

1. Using it as an e-Book reader

As you are all aware of, the biggest battery drainer of a smartphone is its screen. So instead of using your main smartphone, you can use your old device as an e-Book reader. The Kindle app available in Google Play Store makes it that much easier.

2. A dedicated media player

You can store your songs and videos locally in your old smartphone. By doing this, you are again conserving the battery life of your main phone and also this frees up your storage space in your main device. Another point to note is that, even though your smartphone may be old, it is still plenty powerful to handle some songs and videos.

3. GPS and Maps

This is yet another useful feature. GPS and navigation drain your battery fast. You can use your battered old device for this purpose. Google maps offers turn by turn navigation. I can’t forget the number of times it has saved me the hassle of some new location.

4. Portable mobile hotspot

You might have heard of Jio and Airtel WiPod. It can share the internet access to many devices. Well guess what, your old device is also capable of accomplishing the same task. Just head on to your device’s connection page. There should be an option called “Tethering and Portable hotspot” (This varies from one device to another, a quick Google search with the model number should sort it out). Once you configure it, you can connect up to 5 devices to the same hotspot.

5. A self-improvement device

Last but not the least. You can use your old device as a personal self-improvement trainer. You can do this by loading some exercise apps, meditation apps, to-do list, task scheduler, habit tracker, time tracker, etc. The possibilities are endless. As per a quote, “Nothing will change unless You change”. So you can use your old device as an effective self-development device.

So there you go folks, these were some ways in which I generally use my old devices. What do you do with your old devices, please feel free to share with us in the comments section.

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