Hi all, this is Aswin from TechieDrone. My last post was about the best budget smartphone pics under 15,000 rupees. But today it is all about the best of the best regardless of the price. Flagship smartphones are the very best that a company has to offer. In this article, we will see the list of the best flagships released in 2017.

Best of the Best

I will pick one smartphone for each category. I will highlight some important points about the selected device

The most complete smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  • The Galaxy note series was the beginning of big screen smartphones. The term “Phablet” was coined after this iconic series.
  • Every Galaxy Note device is a spec beast. Galaxy Note 8 is no exception. It has Exynos 8895, 6 GB RAM and also the iconic S-Pen.
  • It has THE best screen of any smartphone. The 6.3 inch SUPER AMOLED display is just gorgeous to look at with excellent contrast and unbelievable brightness.
  • One of the best dual camera’s available
  • Other features include MicroSD card slot, IP 68 Waterproofing, Headphone jack
  • While other smartphone allows us to consume content, this is one smartphone that allows us to also create content. The reason is the S-Pen

Futuristic Powerhouse

Apple iPhone X

  • The most radically designed iPhone since its inception. Let’s us take a peek into the future of iPhones.
  • Has one of the most advanced face detection system in a phone
  • First iPhone to sport an AMOLED display panel
  • It draws its power from the “A11 Bionic chip”. In terms of power, it stands tall among all others. Its basically unrivalled. It demolishes every other SOC’s.
  • Has a dual 12 MP camera. Provides 4k 60 fps video recording function which is accounting the power of the A11 chip inside it.
  • All this comes at a price. Approx. 90,000 rupees for the base variant and a whopping 1,02,000 rupees for the top end model

Fastest Android phone

Oneplus 5T


  • This is the fastest Android phone. Period.
  • One of the few phones that can come close to the iPhone in terms of speed.
  • Powered by top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 backed up by an absurd 8 GB of RAM.
  • Features include a 18:9 AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2160, headphone jack, 64 or 128 GB Storage options, face unlock
  • The light weight Oxygen OS user interface along with a powerful processor results in a fluid experience that few can match.
  • Has a dual camera setup. One is a 16 MP regular camera, another is a 20 MP camera optimized for low light photography. This is marked improvement over the regular Oneplus 5
  • Priced at 20-30% lower price than competing flagships
  • Provides support for the amazing “Dash Charging” technology which charges from 0 to 60 % of battery in just half an hour, provided you use the supplied power adapter and cable.

Highest rated smartphone camera

Google Pixel 2 XL


  • The selling point of the Google Pixel 2 XL is undoubtedly the camera.
  • Its camera is awarded with a DXOMark score of 98, the highest ever rating given for a smartphone camera. The closest competitor get a score of 94.
  • A solid hardware coupled with Google’s amazing HDR+ algorithm results in some seriously impressive pictures. Be it good light or low light, you are guaranteed for some excellent photos.
  • Achieves the portrait mode with just a single lens where other smartphones require dual lens to achieve the same effect. This is made possible by Google’s machine learning algorithm
  • One of the best front facing camera with portrait mode support
  • Has dual stereo front firing speakers, Snapdragon 835 with 4 GB of RAM. Being a pixel, it is first in line for software updates. Also has unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos.
  • One main issue is the screen. It’s just not that good compared to others. Decent but not worthy of a flagship.

Perfect companion for a videographer

LG V30 Plus

  • The main hightlight of this phone is its video recording capabilites. Offers a diverse and granular amount of control to the users.
  • Has some useful additions to aid in Video logging
  • Provides a dual camera setup. A regular lens and ultra wide lens is included
  • It has a high quality audio amplifier to provide unrivalled sound quality when the headphones are plugged in.
  • IP 68 rated and MIL-STD-810G shock resistance tested. Provides all round protection
  • Good battery life and supports MicroSD card upto 2 TB capacity!
  • One of the good looking phone
  • Cheapest flagship smartphone from a tier-1 company

Smartphone for Gamers


  • This is the first smartphone released by RAZER ( A Gaming focused company)
  • Highlight is the 5.7 inch 120 Hz display panel. Normal smartphone has 60 Hz refresh rate.
  • Everything, from gaming to UI navigation is smooth as butter
  • Has a powerful Dual Stereo front-firing speakers. One of the loudest of any smartphone.
  • Has some games optimized for this specific device
  • Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 8 GB of RAM. Provides the necessary firepower for handling any game in the play store
  • 4000 mAh battery provides good battery life
  • Has stock android coupled with Nova custom launcher. This results in smooth navigation without any hiccups.
  • Camera is the weakest link of the chain. Its just not good at all compared to other high-end devices

For those who are nostalgic of the brand

Nokia 8

  • If you are nostalgic of the “NOKIA” brand, forget all others and get this one
  • Priced competitively compared to others
  • Offers solid build quality with good hardware internals. Snapdragon 835 powers the show accompanied by 4 GB of RAM.
  • Supports OZO 360 degree audio recording
  • Good camera at its price but falls short of the highest end cameras

Pocket rocket

Samsung Galaxy S8

  • This is the oldest of the bunch but still a good choice
  • One of the beautiful looking device with hardware to match it
  • Exynos 8895 octa-core processor runs the show with 4 GB RAM
  • Features are similar to that of Galaxy Note 8 apart from the smaller screen, S-Pen and dual camera
  • Its single rear camera offers very good low light performance
  • One of the best looking screens, a 5.8 inch SUPER AMOLED infinity display
  • Smallest of the current bunch of Samsung flagships

That’s all people. This was the round-up of the best flagship smartphones released in 2017. What do you think of our choice of the smartphones? Let us know in the comments section.

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